Ajua Academy

Ajua Academy is Africa’s first Software as a Service (SaaS) Academy, currently boasting over 5000 graduates.

Ajua Academy will give you the practical tools to develop and evaluate your customer experience program.

Customer is King, their experience determines your level of Customer Centricity and the Academy works with you to determine the customers’ perception.

Ajua Academy will transform your Integrated Customer Experience Journey to winning.

Build an effective and scalable Customer Experience Program


Ajua Academy will transform your Integrated Customer Experience Journey to winning.

Data Privacy is  a big deal now.  A corporation in Kenya can no longer ignore policies set by the Kenyan Government that have now been plugged into play and have litigation implications  as a result of failure  to actualize the policies. GDPR provides the EU policy of data governance with immense litigation fines due to a breach of compliance.


The Education will be on  Data Protection & Privacy Concepts, Data Subjects rights, Data Security and a beginning  to internalize their implications on the Operations of each organization.


This training educates on the Data Protection Policy in Kenya and GDPR and in turn sets out how your organization protects personal data. It is a set of principles, rules and guidelines that informs how you will ensure ongoing compliance with data protection laws

  • Executive NPS Masterclass
  • NPS 2 day NPS Masterclass for Senior Managers
  • Online NPS Masterclass for Senior Managers
  • NPS Staff certificate

Firms seeking to achieve digital transformation have to prioritize the aspect of improving customer experience . This can well be achieved in the manner in which an organization undertakes strategic decisions focusing on the delivery of superior customer experiences. Customer data analytics plays a  key  role with regards to influencing strategic decisions focusing on the delivery of customer experience. This is informed by the argument that data driven digital customer experience (CX) is a key component in driving customer centric organizations and pivotal in achieving competitive advantage.


Organizational readiness, openness of data and orchestration of people and processes are major factors that come into play while seeking to deliver improved customer experience. Data and the importance of data is becoming increasingly significant in the day to day running of organizations. Businesses that invest in collection and analyzing of data have a greater chance of growth than those that do not.


This training gives the competencies required to have the skills in data analysis that in turn propel the analytics into actionable measures.

The Age of the customer will on be actualized with digitization. This has become more pronounced during the COVID-19 season, where a lot of work revolving around customer excellence has had to be done virtually and through digitization. A defining moment has brought recognition to the CX obsessed, and who leads in digital transformation.


Customer Journey Maps are just one critical element in holistic CX strategy, design and execution; they illustrate the steps your customers navigate to engage with your company. CJM’s are not a one-time project, but rather an ongoing CX element that fits into the day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is imperative for sustainability to have internal teams trained and certified to design, execute, and action customer journey maps. In the end, CJM embedded into the core of the organization allows for engrained customer journey thinking putting the customer at the heart of everything you do. The Customer Journey Mapping Certification workshop is a virtual interactive, hands-on, two-day session with CX professionals alike.

Being customer centric is not just about developing effective and efficient operating strategies, systems and processes. It is also about creating a culture of ownership, accountability and performance by equipping employees to develop a new mindset, skill set and tool set needed to skilfully navigate the demands of orchestrating all the customer experience ‘clues’ that are given off by products and transactions across different channels throughout the customer journey.


This new outlook can be fully supplemented by an effective training program of delivering customer obsession through operational excellence.